Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Damn scales stuck again at 126, grrr, how can this same number inspire both elation and frustration?? hoping

Clothes really loose now, husband noticed that formerly skinny jeans pretty baggy, is hoping I will stop.

When I am thin, yes I will.

My mother and sister, who are both like sticks, said ooah, you are so thin - nowhere near as thin as either of them are and in weird voices - well I am messing with their comfort zones by not being the clever fat one, so they are bound to feel threatened.

But frankly? I long long ago stopped giving a flying fuck for what they think.


  1. Thats what my sister was like when she realised I was losing weight, xo.

  2. You are right, your whole family feels threatened. Your mother and sister because of the reason you already mentioned, and maybe the husband too, because they can tell that there is something changing, inside you and on the outside, and they were not involved in the decision making. It´s a little bit about control, too, don´t you think?

    You can be very proud of yourself, you are doing amazing and I wish you all the best...

  3. Hi there, I'm violet hope you don't mind me stopping by.

    First of all, congrats on losing weight, it's bloody tough and there are always going to be people who are either unsupportive or annoyed or jealous - it's just human nature.

    I also live with my parter and he finds it very difficult to understand. I'm similar weight to you also.

    Don't let the bastards grind you down!!!
    Violet x