Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Read this somewhere recently, am paraphrasing:

"Have you ever noticed that when people comment 'you've changed' what they mean is that you no longer live like they do?"


This year I quit smoking, drinking and pretty much eating.

A lot of people are taking it VERY personally. Well, fuck them.

The sun is out, I stuck to liquids yesterday and will do it again today AND tomorrow. Fleeting glimpse of 129, want it in my life so I can get stuck into the 120s for March.

April and May will be tough, want to be in the teens. I am small, so it will really show and everyone is used to me looking like a short square thing not someone willowy.

However, we will get there.

I know one way I could dump 13 stone overnight, and I know it would free me up to be myself. All this drama. Am so fed up with it taking up my thinking and dreaming time.


  1. You should not let this take up your dreaming time. Maybe thinking, but not dreaming. I think it is much more sane to dream about other things, just to keep a place in your heart for anything different.

    But you are doing great, I wish I could change as much as you.

  2. You are so very sweet - thank you for these wise words. You can change too - we all can, it's how much we want to and whether it's frightening or exciting. I'm going with exciting. It's less frightening! Hugs