Thursday, 25 March 2010


Managing to stay purely on liquids, low calorie soups and coffee coffee coffee...

I do think half the battle here is boredom-management. We all seem to be fine during the day when we're busy and active and as soon as we are home and at a loose end near the fridge, the danger starts.

Think I might need to find more absorbing stuff to do after work and before I can realistically piss off to bed.

Have spent the day talking loudly in meetings to drown the sound of my gurgling and empty stomach and being super-busy returning calls over lunch to avoid the wonderful buffet. A lady followed me with some cake, it was my favourite kind EVER. I sent it back, though she said 'I didn't see you have lunch.' I told her I suffer from IBS, that shut her up.

Looked good, but my increasingly baggy (gah, and very expensive) suit feels much better than it would have tasted.

Stay strong and willowy ladies.


  1. Hey there,

    you are really doing great!
    I know this feeling of baggy clothes is great, but in my opinion you should wear them at home and not to work...
    Two reasons:
    1. You look amazing in clothes that really fit, and you can see the effect of all the restriction.
    2. People don´t see you losing weight, it will take much more time for them to notice, and this way you do not get followed by cake and remnants of the lunch buffet day by day.

    But this is my opinion...
    In my case, I started buying clothes not that expensive, because I was planning to shrink out of them....

    STay strong, you are doing amazing!
    Wish you all the best...

  2. Thanks so much - you are very very sweet! I agree; I just didn;t know till I put the dress on (it's a bit stretch and has been SOOO tight) how baggy it was. Plus it was bloody expensive, so I want to wear it until it literally hangs off!

    Good points anout the buffet - need to take myself far far away from cake-frau!!