Friday, 12 March 2010


Still losing, but can feel iron resolve dissolving in face of baguette scents and hot steaming bowls of stew. Need to read and be inspired by some of your blogs and remember how very temporary this all is.

I need to be in the 120s by the beginning of next week.

Distractions? Thinspo. Walking. DVDs. Fresh air. Dog. Organising clothes - winter ones put away.

Read an inspiring post a while ago from a girl who harnessed the perfectionism and obsession we have within us, and used it in her professional life - competitive, driven, focussed, single-minded. Wonderful and positive way of looking at this.

Hope that you are all coping and feeling strong and beautiful.


  1. Hey there lady! Just wanted to say a couple of things. First and foremost, thanks for your lovely comment -you have no idea how much it cheered me this evening when I read it! Secondly, I'm just going to ask you to look at this whole thing in a slightly different way...and, to explain myself a little further, what I mean is this: I wholly believe that when we are completely happy within ourselves our bodies will naturally follow suit i.e. when we find a place in our lives that we are doing something that is all encompassing and that absolutely consumes us, food becomes quite irrelevant. I know from past experience that I almost forget to eat at times, I don't obsess about food when I'm really happy and I just about remember to eat when I'm maybe we're all looking at it the wrong way.?! Maybe we're trying to fix the wrong things?! Maybe we should all try to start thinking outside the box (if and when we can)?? It's worth considering anyway! Love your blog....Cx.

  2. Let´s hope you are feeling strong and beautiful! You are still losing? That is wonderful, it really is.
    I wish I had distraction right now, like a dog to walk and to cuddle, or thinspo, it lost all the meaning to me lately...

    I wish you all the best...

  3. Ladies, thank you for your thoughful comments!

    Cinderella, I absolutely agree, and I think that, personally speaking, the 'being completely happy within oneself' has eluded me for as long as I can remember, so that ability to live in the moment, eat when one remembers or is hungry, is an alien feeling.

    It's a lovely concept, and I'd love to discuss further...

    Medica, yes I am still losing, hope that your focus comes back stronger than ever; sending you heaps of good wishes and licks from the dog..