Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Medica, your lovely comment pretty much sums it up. Though in fact, my husnband has been saying how wonderful I look and how proud he is of me.

I would like to pretend to be nice through and through but I am very much anjoying seeing my friends and hearing all their lame excuses about time, too much to do, other priorities, not vain enough etc.

Then one by one they approach me - what's your secret, how do you do it, is it hard?

Nope, just don't eat. Want to be thin more than feed your face.



  1. Yeah, they all ask you, that´s the best reward.... Do they do it secretely? That´s the thing a noticed: They could never ask it aloud, because this would mean that everybody around would realise that they also want to lose weight and just don´t make it...
    Be proud of yourself, maybe just tell them that it is not a big thing, and smile...
    You are doing awesome....

  2. Hi!

    So I went off the radar myself for a while, and it's great to find you're back and posting!

    Congrats on 123, yay! I'm at 124.4 as of yesterday - like you my lowest adult weight. Feels great to weigh "8 stone ~something~"

    yay high five!!

    x x